International Seminars

Venus Academy is India’s largest educational international seminar organizers.
Some of the past speakers who delivered on Venus Platform are:
John Foppe

Janet Atwood

Sean Smith

Robert Emerling

Sabira Merchant

Raju Mandhyan

Dr. Kwesi Anan Odum

Mark Schaefer


Corporate Trainings

Venus Academy is an end to end corporate training house.


Coaching in organizations is on an upward trend. There is much evidence to show that coaching is one of the most powerful ways of developing people and adding to bottom line business performance.

Types of services offered

Open Programs – on various topics for the public at large . Our experience shows that trainings should not be seen in isolation but should form an integral part of a strategy to develop the competence in the organization to enable it to achieve it’s goals.

Scholarships : We waive off  50% to 100% of the training fees in open programs on the basis of the recommendations of the managing committee.

Content Development-We undertake assignments from corporate & educational institutes w.r.t

1) Training programs , events and workshops (in distance learning and live formats)

2) Full time educational courses e.g M.B.A , BBA etc.

In our content case studies and examples precede the concepts . This not only sustains the interest of the trainees but also serves as a reference to the participants during their entire life time . If the client so indents , we hand over copy rights of the content as well . We merge the content with the present day technology with a view to optimize your learning experience .

Management Consulting : Hand holding with a view to achieve management goals

H.R Consulting : Hand holding with a view to achieve organizational goals with an orientation to employee satisfaction which in turn culminates into employee retention .

E Learning : We recommend an academy and not an IT company for this job ,simply because learning whether facilitator led or e – learning must be delivered by expert trainers with a proven track record . Some of the key features are:

  • Adult learning compliant
  • Highly interactive and engaging
  • Contextual rather than theoretical
  • Scenario and game based in approach using advanced world class technology
  • 360o learning experience for the participant

Apps : We work closely with clients to design & build powerful, feature rich Apple, Android, Windows & BlackBerry apps with interfaces so that their workforce learns on the move .

Post training evaluations : Our competency based assessments & development centers, are designed for implementation at all levels in the organization. These help you while making decisions regarding promotions, task force creations, employee development, recruitment and while dealing with mergers and acquisitions.

Start ups : Designed and developed  for the budding entrepreneur.

SME Solutions – customized & structured for speedy growth and success . We also undertake assignments with guaranteed results – e.g – enhanced profitability reduced costs, reduced process duration, enhanced efficiency, etc.

Charity Programs : We conduct communication skills workshop for under privileged girl students residing in the villages of Uttrakhand . If you have a cause , kindly present it to us and we will conduct a charity program based on the due diligence report of the audit committee.

Types of learnings offered

Tailor made learning : Are you looking for a course that meets your business objective At Venus the workshops are cut & stitched to give you a perfect fit . We will understand your training needs and then offer you an apt solution.

Smart Learning : In today‟s world, we have access to laptops, tablets, smart phones, mp3 players, video recorders etc . If  you want to use these tools & technologies to your advantage then smart learning is the way to go . This means that we will hold your hand during the entire pathway and not just during the event .

Practical Learning : It is said „Practice makes a man perfect” . We throw in case studies from real life stuations & examples from day to day life so as to help you understand the concepts . This is one of the ways in which we are different from a classroom teaching . This learning will also help you in judgement and decision making .

Simulations : Simulations are training solutions that involve several scientific, theory-based strategies for learning and training. Not only do simulations provide information, but they demonstrate & let you practice them as well. Simulations may also be used as a measurement tool . Simulation courses will help your organization in reducing the time & cost , increasing employee retention ,  Enhanced skill building & real-life assessments

Game based Learning : Sometimes a game-based learning approach is required to engage and motivate your employees . Game-based learning uses games that allow participants to compete with each other or simply challenge themselves turn by turn, level-wise to accomplish tasks and thereby, learn better .

Rapid e learning or Rapid Authoring :  Using rapid e-learning or authoring tools can help in a multitude of ways, such as offering customisation of content in a negligible time, reducing development efforts for the designers and much more. We use rapid authoring tools such as Lectora to create online training courses & assessments . We also use them to convert PPTs into e-Learning content. Our team works using rapid tools & customizing them in the forms of templates and development processes to get the best  solutions.

Mobile Learning : Are you looking at building apps to make your workforce learn while they are on the move? Mobile Learning is the solution! Venus offers Mobile learning with a view to cater to the requirements of your employees through their cell phones, tablets & other devices. The entire idea of mobile learning is to provide content on the go. This would be handy for employees who are mostly on customer sites or travel extensively. We have mobile learning solutions for both, IOS and Android platforms. We propose to deliver consumer and enterprise- level apps for corporates, which provide an end-to-end mobile experience.